Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A Spellbinding Story...

UNIT 1 - "Why You Should NOT Eat Ants!"

One day in Kilbarchan, the MAYOR fell ill from a PLAGUE that was caused by eating nothing but ANTS. His AUNT RESTRAINed herself from eating bugs, so she ate haggis that was butchered on a 100 ACRE farm and she was not ill. But, just in case the illness was contagious, she went on a FREIGHTER. The boat sailed STRAIGHT across the ocean.

She ANTICIPATEd going to Prince Edward Island where the boat would stop! Some of her FRAGILE fine china broke that night, because of a storm, but she didn’t mind. She noticed when she looked into a mirror she had a small WAIST.

Meanwhile, back in the United Kingdom, people decided to CAMPAIGN to be the new Mayor. One of the potential candidates was Jeannie Mackenzie. Neighbours tried to PERSUADE Ted Milburn to run for Mayor, but he declined and threw his support behind his wife. A correspondent from the newspaper conducted a SURVEY and only 20% of the people said they would vote for Jeannie as they didn’t feel that she had the APTITUDE to fill such a political role.

Back on the boat, the Mayor’s Aunt had just reached Prince Edward Island, where a secret AGENT took her to Ottawa to meet the FAMOUS Stephen Harper and to make her promise that she would OBEY the laws of Canada. The AXLE of the limo was greasy and her dress got stained and had to be dry cleaned, which she thought was a WASTE of money. The aunt eventually moved to Neilburg.

Back in the UK, who won the election? No, not Jeannie, but a dog named Skipper! And they all lived happily ever after once the Village Council agreed to pay him with dog biscuits instead of in pounds sterling.

The End

This fanciful story was written to incorporate all of Alisdair's spelling words (they are capitalized). Stay tuned for next week's spectacular creative writing inspired by spelling Unit 2!

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