Tuesday, 2 August 2011

MUSIC ~ "Let Thy Mantle Fall On Me" ~ By: Floyd W. Hawkins

During the week of July 18th through 22nd, Alisdair attend a Daily Vacation Bible School at the Church of God in Christ Mennonite, just outside of Neilburg.  On the Friday evening, the children and teachers presented a program for parents and members of the community to attend.

Alisdair's group recited Psalm 100 and Psalm 23 (Verses 1 through 6) before singing a hymn I had never heard before.  It was called "Let Thy Mantle Fall On Me."  Both the words and music were written by Floyd W. Hawkins (it was copyrighted in 1962 by the Lillenas Publishing Company).

The words of this hymn should be the heart cry of each and every believer.  It was very encouraging to hear the young folk seeking an outpouring of more of the Holy Spirit upon their lives.  Perhaps you are also unfamiliar with this song.  Here are the words:


1) Elijah was God's prophet;
Elisha stood close by,
And ere the prophet left him,
He heard his servant cry:


Let thy mantle fall on me!
Let thy mantle fall on me! (on me!)
A double portion of Thy spirit,
Lord, Let thy mantle fall on me!

2) Then Elijah made the promise
That, if faithful he would be,
His petition would be granted,
And God's glory he would see

3) As Elijah rose to heaven
In a chariot of fire,
He did not forget his servant,
Who expressed one strong desire.

4) In the Upper Room they waited --
"Twas the faithful Christian band -
And their pray'r was heard and answered
Over in the gloryland.

5) That pray'r of early Christians
Long ago and far away
Is the cry of all God's children;
And He's just the same today.


  1. I was a missionary kid in Guam many years ago. We had a Marshallese Choir come to the Island and this is what they sang. I have remembered this all these years and now I have seen the whole song. Thank you for posting.

  2. blessing indeed! Thank you.