Wednesday, 3 August 2011

SWIMMING ~ Summary of Swimming Lessons

Alisdair participated in the Battlefords Homeschool Association's session of swimming lessons that began in April and concluded on June 17th.  The sessions were held for an hour every Friday afternoon at the Kinsmen Aquatic Center in North Battleford.

His instructor "Patrick" wrote the following on his "Canadian Red Cross Water Safety Programme Progress Card":

"Alisdair is an eager learner.  Alisdair worked very hard this lesson set and continues to try new skills.  Alisdair has improved so much since the beginning of lessons.  Willing to blow bubbles out of his nose and glide through the water.  Continue to work on flutter kicks and floats.  Continue to work on Level 1 skills.  Good luck."

Alisdair was disappointed that he didn't earn his first badge (he did get some fun tattoos though!)  Personally, I thought he was very successful as he had been terrified of water prior to beginning lessons.  Once, when we spent the night at a hotel, Alisdair wouldn't even get in the water until he had the life preserver to hang on to as he floated in the pool with us nearby.  So, to jump into the deep end of the swimming pool (while wearing a life jacket) -- or to use the slide at the edge of the pool to get into the water -- was a major success!

I told him that, since I have never really taken any swimming lessons, we should take a session together (with a private instructor) ... Guess time will tell if I am brave enough to try it!

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