Tuesday, 14 September 2010

September 8 - Our Curriculum Arrives & School Can Begin!

After daily trips to the post office for more than a week, and no parcel from Canadian Home Education Resources, it FINALLY arrived!

Alisdair was so excited when he discovered the parcel card in the box. He ran into the post office from the lobby, waving the card and shouting, "It's here. It's here. And then, as an afterthought - "It better NOT be my birthday present."

It wasn't!

So we now have our C. S. Lewis material for Unit Study, Further Up & Further In, our Hands-On-History Art CD, our Handwriting Without Tears Printing book and a notebook, a Spelling book, and our Time Travelers "New World Explorers" CD. A few things, like our cursive handwriting books and our Switched on Schoolhouse Science 6 program are still on backorder, but we have enough now, with our Math-U-See and Alpha Omega Bible to kick off our year.

Our motto at Porter's Primary is "Where Learning is FUN!" -- So let the fun begin!

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