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BOOK REVIEWS ~ "Katie Morag and the Wedding" ~ By: Mairi Hedderwick

We were lucky enough to receive another "Katie Morag" book through inter-library loans.  This one centers around the wedding of Katie's Granma Mainland and one of the islanders on Struay, Neilly Beag.

The synopsis of book from the website for "Waterstones" (a British bookseller) is as follows:

"Romance has been brewing on the island between Neilly Beag and Granma Mainland and everyone is thrilled when they announce that they are to be married. Everyone, that is, except Grannie Island. For some reason that Katie Morag can't fathom her granny is not happy at all. But Granma Mainland has a surprise in store for Grannie Island, one that makes her very happy indeed!"

Like with any wedding, preparations are underway with invitations being sent out and the Village Hall decorated for the grand occasion.  It seems like all the islanders have caught "wedding fever" -- that is, everyone except Granny Island, who seems quite cross about the whole thing.  When Katie Morag McColl asks why her Granny isn't happy about the wedding, no one answers her.  Finally she writes and asks the bride-to-be why her "other Granny" might be upset about the pending wedding.  Granma Mainland doesn't answer but she does come to the rescue and solve the problem.

It turns out that there is a Grandad Island.  He likes to travel while Granny Island doesn't like leaving the Isle of Struay.  In fact, Grandad flies a helicopter!  Katie Morag manages to get Granny Island to go for a ride with her husband but it is obvious from the illustrations that she isn't enjoying the trip. Grandad Island and his wife DID enjoy the wedding and even took to the dance floor.  But there is no happy ending.  Although Katie Morag does manage to get Granny Island to go for a helicopter ride, with her husband, the reader is told that "Grandad Island loved travelling and never stayed in one place for long.  'East, West, Home's Best!' insisted Grannie Island, clinging to her seat  like a limpet. Katie Morag knew then, that Grandad Island would be leaving soon."  Katie Morag asked him, " 'Grandad, when you go travelling can I come too sometimes?' "  He replied, 'Certainly, Katie Morag -- anywhere in the world.'  Katie Morag was thrilled.  She looked forward to visiting Fuay, the city on the mainland and now, anywhere in the world!  But it was good to know that Grannie Island would always be there on the Island of Struay when she got back home."

The detailed illustrations are delightful.  Here are some photos of our favourites:

Katie Morag pushes her brother Liam home
 after a visit with Grannie Island.  On the way, Neilly
 Beag gives her a stack of wedding invitations to
 take to the Post Office.

I love these "fish wives" -- carrying their shopping
 with sheep in front and fishing nets and traps behind them!

Neilly Beag is definitely in love ... and grabbing
 his beloved's bottom!  Or is he saving her
 from falling off the stool?  The 'Wedding Menu'
 consists of Lobster Claw Soup or Stuffed Turnip,
 Haggis Burgers or Carrot Steaks,
 Chips and for dessert, cake and ice cream.

Neilly and Gramma Mainland are celebrating! 
They are married .... at last!

Grannie Island is happy, too --
 dancing and celebrating with her long lost husband.
The bride and groom set off on their honeymoon ... via boat, of course!
Destination - the Island of Fuay.  It is uninhabited (except for sheep).
Note - There is a box of "Sheep Dip" in the boat!
A crowd bids the honeymooners farewell. 
The kilted boys are hanging up a sign saying "Haste Ye Back!"

Grannie Island 'clinging to her seat like a limpet!'

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