Tuesday, 26 July 2011

SHORE LUNCH ~ Fish and Chips in the Victoria Harbour...

Wild Pacific Salmon
A blog reader asked about the restaurant where Alisdair and I enjoyed eating fish and chips while we were in Victoria.  It was called Joe's Seafood Bar and was located at 1208 Wharf Street (Harbour Level).  The menu and other details can be found on their website.

Actually, we hadn't thought about being on the coast or that fish and chips would be a local dish, however, John sent us a text asking if we were planning to have some.  That got us thinking it was a "must-do."  Glad we had a taste of some delicious fish for lunch on the Friday afternoon.  Too bad it is so far away, as I'd go back again in a heart beat!

Alisdair and I were both pleased with our meals and remarked that there weren't any bones at all in our fish fillets.  The little wooden knives, forks and spoons were kind of fun, too!  And the coleslaw was to die for -- complete with sunflower seeds on top!  Yum... 


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