Sunday, 24 July 2011

COMMERCIAL ~ "La-Z-boy Furniture Gallery - Lloydminster" Starring Homeschoolers

Portions of this commercial were filmed in May, when Alisdair and I toured the New Cap News Television studio and radio station.  Tim Krenz, the President of the Lloydminster Homeschool Association, owns the La-Z-boy Furniture Gallery and he thought it would be fun for the children to star in a commercial for his business.

At the close of the tour, the children sat in one of two black recliners and had a few seconds of footage shot.  Can you find Alisdair?  I watched it twice and still didn't see him.  But my eagle-eyed son knew he was wearing a red t-shirt and found himself!  He is near the beginning (0:07 seconds) in the middle of the bottom row with his hands behind his head and his elbows sticking out!  It's a little blurry but Alisdair thinks it is because the commercial had to be compressed so much smaller to be emailed to us.

In any event, it is exciting to be part of a commerical.  We'll have to watch the local television station to see if we can see the advertisement actually broadcast.

But we'd better not watch the commerical too many times, or we'll be jumping into the minivan and driving to Lloydminster to purchase our very own La-Z-boy recliner.  You've got to admit, it does look very comfortable!

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