Monday, 3 January 2011

CRAFTS - MORRISONS Brand ~ "Make Your Own Teddy Bear"

The kit
"Learn to sew with easy pre-punched felt pieces and a safety needle" promised the yellow lettering on the green box that Alisdair received as a fun "extra" little present from his Granny Jeannie.  When his Dad returned from spending Christmas in Scotland, he brought the children some gaily wrapped parcels.  Alisdair's was this "Make Your Own Teddy Bear" craft kit.
The contents of the package
 (we misplaced the original needle, so bought some more and then
we found the purple plastic safety needle again!)

It was a cold, snowy day - so after doing his paper route and some of his Math workbook, we decided to work on the teddy bear kit.  Since we were still cold from being outdoors, Alisdair snuggled up in his bed to learn how to sew the running stitch.

Learning how to do the running stitch

"This is fun, Mum!"
Of course we had to pick a lot of stitches out, as there were many bungles, but eventually we had enough sewn so that Alisdair could put the stuffing into the wee bear.  When he was all finished sewing the front and back together, it was time to glue on the final touches.
Holding the glued felt piece down
A colourful patch of fur on his tummy!
Gluing his purple bow-tie
Meet POLAR our new BEAR!
Thank you, Granny Jeannie for an interesting and fun activity for our first Art Class of 2011!

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  1. You are very welcome! He is looking good. Have you named him yet?