Thursday, 6 January 2011

QUOTATION - "... And No Rabbits Caught" ~ From "Five Children and It"

Alisdair is enjoying the stories from "Five Children and It" and we have now finished Chapter 6, with five more to go... We finish one chapter and he begs for more.  I suppose that's a good thing! 

In Chapter 6 - "A Castle and No Dinner" we came upon an interesting expression.  Martha, one of the servants is talking to another and says:  "Now, Eliza, come, get on with them beds.  Here's ten o'clock nearly and no rabbits caught" (Page 113). The next sentence goes on to explain:  "People say that in Kent when they mean 'and no work done'."

I stopped reading and told Alisdair we would have to remember that saying, as often I feel like the day is getting away on us and we haven't accomplished as much as we should have done.  Getting the newspapers delivered is a good example of this!  So, next time the clock is waxing onward and we haven't gotten as much done as we would have liked, I'll have to say "... and no rabbits caught!"

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