Friday, 17 June 2011

COMPUTER FUN ~ How Well Do You Know Your Geography??

How well do you know your World Geography?  Back in 1989, I convocated with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in English and a Minor in Geography, so I thought I knew something about the topic.  But last night, when I was looking online for math games to play with Alisdair to reinforce his numeracy, I discovered I knew a whole lot less than I gave myself credit for.

We found a site called "Cool Math" and, in addition to various puzzles and games to assist pupils with that subject, there were also other things posted.

One of the things we found we several "Snap Maps".  We started with a game featuring the 50 States.  The outline of a state would pop up and you were given four choices to choose from to provide the proper name of that particular shaped piece of the map.  Some were easy (like Hawaii and Alaska), while others (like the New England States) were pretty complicated.

Then we found a "Snap Map" of Canada.  Of course, being Canadian and having such large portions for most of the provinces and territories, we were able to complete the task very quickly.  Next, Alisdair and I decided we should do the map of Europe!  That was a completely different ball game . . . Do you realize how small Litchtenstein really is?  You could hardly click on the tiny green shred representing that country!  And the countries in the Balkans were really difficult to piece together, too.  Slovakia? Croatia? Tricky, indeed!

Like the Canadian map, the one for Australia is also fairly easy.  Then I tried South America and on to Asia... again unbelievably tiny pieces for countries like Oman and Kuwait, or Lebanon and Israel.  You know countries like Laos exist, but where exactly ARE they??  I persevered and eventually got all the pieces snapped in and the clock stopped but the minutes had added up to a ridiculous total.  I didn't even try to do the map of Africa!

This is a website we will be bookmarking as I am sure we can learn a lot more about the world around us if we try to become more familiar with Geography facts.  I'm just glad my old professors weren't around to witness my struggle with the various "Snap Maps."

Try your hand at some of the maps and leave us a comment about how you managed!  Good luck . . .

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