Sunday, 26 June 2011

KINDERGARTEN ~ "Mini" Field Trips and a "Beach Party"....

In the last few days of Kindergarten, Isobel's class has been taking some "mini" field trips around the Village.  The children have, for the most part, lined up and walked to and from the school (when it rained one day, they were "rescued" by the spare bus)!

The first time they ventured out, the students went to the Synergy Credit Union and the Co-op Grocery store.  Isobel was thrilled that the children were allowed to scan items into the cash register.

Another day they walked to the local hair salon and the Lakeland Vet Clinic.  This would have been quite a long walk for the children as the clinic is on the far edge of town.  Isobel had enjoyed the trip but complained that when they got back to the school, they didn't have any time and "not even a drop of recess!"

The group also toured Pat Gibbons Ford dealership.  They had also initially planned to tour the Canada Post outlet but due to the current strike action (and the lack of mail flow) they cancelled the visit.

Tuesday afternoon the Kindergarten students will participate in a "Celebration of Excellence" where they will sing "O Canada" with some of the other elementary children.  They will also be called up to the stage to receive recognition for completing their first full year of schooling.  Wednesday, June 29 the children only attend school in the morning. To wind-up the year, the Kindergarten class plans to join the Grade 1 and 2 students at a "Beach Party" in the Village Green Park!  Isobel keeps asking, "How long till the beach party??"

Thursday morning is "Report Card Day."  The students, and their parents, are expected to pop into the school and to pick up any belongings that remain in the building and to get their Report Card from their teacher.  For Isobel, it will also mean a farewell to Mrs. Winsor as she will be on maternity leave for the 2011-2012 academic year, so they will not be frequently bumping into each other.

It's hard to believe my "baby" is all ready for the adventures of Grade 1 ... she's growing up, all too fast!

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