Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Lloydminster Homeschool Association ~ BBQ Wind-Up Held

Sunday evening (June 12) the Lloydminster Homeschool Association held a wind-up BBQ at Sandy Beach Regional Park, just a few miles north of the city.

Although we were a little late, the children and I went to meet with some of the people we have come to know through our homeschooling adventure.  I'd never been to Sandy Beach before but it is a beautiful place worth returning to!  Even if they do charge $8 for admission to the park if you don't have a season pass!

Isobel enjoyed playing on the swings on the playground, while Alisdair made a new friend named, Johannes.  He is a homeschooler who lives in Lloydminster but is originally from South Africa.  They played on the teeter totter together.
... enjoying the swings ...

...  please let me down!" ...
Isobel and I took a walk down to the water's edge and she enjoyed wading in the cool lake. 

Isobel also enjoyed a pink raspberry salad that one of the group members had brought.  She liked it so much, Isobel asked for the recipe and they kindly emailed it to us.  Watch for a future cooking post when "Chef Isobel" learns to make this delicacy!

We left the park about 7:30 PM as we didn't have extra time to linger ~ due to our early morning start for Dorintosh the next day.  However, it was nice to briefly experience what Sandy Beach was like and hopefully we'll be able to go back later this summer for a family picnic (or maybe even for a camping trip ~ although apparently there aren't many fish in the lake).  It's definitely a hidden gem!

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