Friday, 17 June 2011

SWIMMING LESSONS ~ Last Session at the Pool. . .

... Time in the Pool ...

Although Alisdair was very reluctant to take swimming lessons, we thought this was an important skill to learn.  He was going to take lessons in Lloydminster back in the fall of 2010, however there was a shortage of instructors at the Leisure Centre and the session (sponsored by the Lloydminster Homeschool Association) had to be cancelled.

Then, we were going to sign him up for another 8-day session at the end of March/beginning of April, at the Leisure Centre, but some of the dates conflicted with the Battleford Kiwanis Music Festival we had already registered for.

At that point we began thinking swimming lessons were no longer an option.  Then, we learned about a series of lessons, sponsored by the Battlefords Homeschool Association.  They were to be held on Friday afternoons from 3 to 4 PM.  Since Isobel's Kindergarten classes occasionally fall on a Friday, we enlisted the assistance of Grandma and Grandpa.  On the days when I couldn't take him to the lessons, his grandparents kindly met us halfway and we would exchange Alisdair in the parking lot of a restaurant!  Sometimes, he would even get lucky and be able to stay with them for a couple of days before returning back home.

... One-on-One instruction
(while other students enjoyed the hot tub
 for the last few minutes of the lesson time) ...
This afternoon is the final session of this series of swimming lessons.  When Alisdair began taking these lessons, he was extremely scared of being in the water.  He didn't even want to get his head wet.  Now, if he is wearing a life jacket and his bright orange goggles, he will even go in the deep end of the pool . . . I call that progress!

So, although we'll be surprised if the instructors present Alisdair with a badge for successful completion of the course, (as some of his skills are still a bit "weak") -- he is a winner in my eyes.

With a little more practise, I am sure he'll soon be successful with his flutter kicks and underwater breathing!

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