Sunday, 26 June 2011

FAMILY LIFE ~ "Big Foot" Walks Among Us!

This post was written a few weeks ago, but it didn't get published as I was waiting to take a photo of the shoes ... well, finally I got around to it!

As you can see... the shoes are no longer new!
We even went back to buy a second pair (different pattern but same brand).
It's still pretty muddy outside, but in a few more days it will have dried up and we'll be able to "fling" the winter boots for this season.

Since Isobel has "indoor" shoes at school, and she usually just runs around the house in her stocking feet, I didn't realize how much her feet had grown over the colder months.  But last night, when we were in North Battleford, we went to Payless Shoe Source to look for new Spring shoes.

"She's about a 12.5," the sales clerk advised, before leaving us to find a suitable pair of runners.  It seemed like there was more to choose from in some of the smaller sizes.  The search was frustrating.  At first it seemed we would be going home empty-handed, but then the clerk explained to me that some of the shoes that looked like lace-ups were actually slip-ons.  Finally we found a pair that Isobel liked, were suitable for everyday wear, and fit our budget.  The little red LED lights were a bonus! The new shoes are actually Size 13!

As Isobel was experimenting with them, she ran down the aisle of the store and then took a big leap.  "I can even JUMP in these," she excitedly exclaimed!  She held the bright pink shoebox all the way home but, when we arrived home, was too sleepy to show them to her Stepdad.  I'm sure that will be the first thing she does this morning!

Early this morning, I took two tiny pink pairs of shoes from her closet (to place in the give-a-way bag for the Mennonite Community Closet).  Both had size 9.5 imprinted on the soles.  Could Isobel possibly have grown THAT much, just over the winter?  Then I realized that was in UK sizing.  A quick check of a conversion chart showed they were the equivalent of a North American size 11 ~ so that's still a jump of two whole sizes!

Isobel seems to have this "shoe thing" all figured out.  She told me, "I grow and the shoes shrink to me!!!"  I can sort of understand her logic ...

Sometimes Isobel likes to slip into a pair of John's shoes to go out in the yard or to our "other house" next door ... her feet look petite in those man-sized boats.  But in her new silver AIRWALK butterfly runners they look big ... my "baby" is growing and developing in so many ways (like my recent post about her first attempts at learning to read).

Yes, "BIG FOOT" truly walks among us!

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