Friday, 31 December 2010

CHARITY - An Extraordinary Gift of Two Baby Chicks

Aren't they cute??
A  few weeks ago, the Give Joy catalogue arrived in our mailbox, which is an initiative of cbm (The Christian Blind Mission) in Stouffville, Ontario.  The organization were suggesting people could purchase a unique gift for their friends and family.  Instead of buying something the person may not need, they suggested donations could be made to their organization in the name of someone on your gift list.  A gift card and a gift tag would then be sent so the donor could advise the recipient of the present. 

A rooster and two hens or two little pigs could be had for $50.  Two egg-laying hens came in at $35.  Two goats were $140.  An Injera oven to make traditional flatbread was available for $60.  A sewing machine for a family so they could begin a tailoring business was $175.  There were other health related items too -- like a hearing aid for $77 or a wheelchair for $150.  A special chair for a child with cerebral palsy was only $40.  Many other projects were also featured from water wells to cataract surgical tool kits.  You could even donate to train an ophthalmologist for a year (if you had $15,000 to give).

Although Alisdair didn't have a lot of money to donate to charity, he did want to do something to help the less fortunate at Christmas time.  And so he decided to buy two baby chicks for $5 each.  The catalogue says "These baby birds can be raised to produce eggs or sold to provide income for a family coping with a disability."  They were listed as a "stocking stuffer."

And so, today Alisdair went to the bank and got them to print up cheques from his bank account.  And he wrote out his very first cheque to cbm for this worthy cause.

The motto of cbm is "Together we can do more."  Perhaps you are interested in helping.  If so, click on the words "Give Joy" at the top of this post for a link to the catalogue.  A little can go a long way to helping others.

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