Wednesday, 15 December 2010

LAPBOOK - More Photos of Our Leonardo Da Vinci Lapbook

We still aren't finished the Leonardo da Vinci lapbook, but we've added several more mini books to the project.

We have also received a book from the library - Leonardo's Horse by Jean Fritz.  This book is what much of the Homeschool Share templates are based upon.

Second Cover

Fritz tells the story of Charles Dent, an American man who caught the vision to create a bronze statue of a horse like the one Leonardo began to make for Lorenzo de' Medici as a gift for the Duke of Milan.  Leonardo constructed a clay model of the horse that was twenty-four feet high.  It was shown off at a special occasion in November 1493 and was a sensation.  Da Vinci collected metal to be used in the casting of the horse but in 1498, with rumors of a French invasion of Milan, this was used to make a cannon.  The French did come in 1499.  The French archers thought Leonardo's clay model was perfect for target practice with their bows and arrows.  The arrows, coupled with a lot of rain, reduced Leonardo's clay model to a lump of mud.   

Dent was first inspired to build a horse like Leonardo in 1977.  Many trials and tribulations followed.  Then Dent learned he was dying - but his family promised him they would complete the project after his death.  The statue was finally unveiled on September 10, 1999 - exactly 500 years (to the day) since the French had invaded Milan and destroyed the model horse.  The bronze horse now stands as a testament to Leonardo da Vinci and Charles Dent - on a pedestal in a small park in front of Milan's famous racetrack.

Detailed information on Italy

Alisdair tried writing backwards as an experiment!
A English translation of the words to the Italian National Anthem

Worksheets about Leonardo da Vinci - a crossword puzzle, a word search, multiple choice, ABC order, dotty letters, etc.
Will post the final photos of our book as soon as we complete the lapbook - we'll try to finish before Christmas so we can start some new activities in January.

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