Thursday, 23 December 2010

Tis the season ... to be a paper boy!

Festive Gifts
Alisdair begged and begged us to let him take on the Star Phoenix paper route for Neilburg.  Finally I relented and agreed that it might be a good way to earn some pocket money and to learn responsibility.

He began delivery on October the 19th and all was well until the cold weather hit.  Then it was chilly trudging through the snow with each paper and he wondered aloud why on earth he ever wanted to deliver newspapers in the first place!

The last little while, however, it has once again been a joyful thing to be a paper boy!

So far the tally is:

1 bowl of Christmas baking and a tea towel and potholder for "the driver"
1 large round tray of Christmas baking
1 box "Pot of Gold" milk chocolates
1 box Quality Street chocolates
1 box of "Pot of Gold" Truffles
1 box of Skittles
3 cards - each containing cash - totalling $40.00
A $10 tip sent to Saskatoon and added on his pay stub
3 pairs of socks
1 pair of gloves and a stick of lip balm

... and it is still 2 more delivery days till Christmas!  With Christmas being on a Saturday (and no paper delivery Sunday) we can do our round on Christmas Eve and then we don't have any deliveries till December 27th -- so we are not tied down over the holiday and can stay at Grandma and Grandpa's house if we choose to do so.  And, anyway you look at it, that's GOOD NEWS!
Care for a delicious Truffle???

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