Sunday, 12 December 2010

CHRISTMAS PAGEANT - Neilburg United Church - "The Mouse's Tale"

Last Sunday morning was the second of four Christmas events the children are involved in.  Every year Joan Gibb works very hard to coordinate a nativity play for the Neilburg/Marsden United Church and she was short of children.  Alisdair and Isobel were glad to help her out - Isobel was a cute little angel (not a speaking part) and Alisdair was SAUL the SHEEP.

The play was called "The Mouse's Tale."

The Mouse's Tale is the Christmas story, narrated by Granny Mouse, and told by the animals in the stable on Christmas night. Meet the animals. . . the donkey who carried Mary to Bethlehem; the cow who gave up his manger for the baby Jesus' bed; the sheep who saw the angels on the hilltop; and the camels who were guided by a bright star in the East, as they witnessed the miracle of Jesus' birth.

After the service, the congregation put on a lovely hot meal - mashed potatoes, chicken (or turkey?) stew, salads, biscuits and desserts.  We had to "eat and run" because both children had to be at the Manitou Evangelical Free Church to practise for their Christmas pageant, which will be held next Sunday evening.  Meanwhile, Isobel is involved in the Neilburg Composite School program on December 15th.  Never a dull moment!

A real little angel....
SAUL the Sheep

Here endeth the tale!

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