Friday, 17 December 2010

LETTER - Alisdair's Christmas Letter/2010 Wrap Up

Dear Friends and Family,

This is my Christmas letter for the year 2010.  It has some of the highlights of the year.

On January 1st we got a fresh start and said farewell to MMIX (2009). On Janurary 10th Mum and John celebrated their paper anniversary. It was still cold but I think we all had FUN!


February was dull (at least in my life).  On February 2nd, (Ground Hog Day), the ground hog didn’t see his shadow. I can’t remember if he was right about VI (6) more weeks of winter. We had Valentine's Day on the 14th.


In March we went to a funeral in Moose Jaw.

They have statue of a moose named Mac.
Me with Mac
I got to go to the Tunnels of Moose Jaw.

The "Tunnels of Moose Jaw" logo.

It was it was thanks to my uncle that I could go see the Tunnels.  I got to stay at the Super 8 Motel.

Super 8 Logo

It was Good Friday on April 2nd.

Then on Sunday the 4th it was Easter.  Granny had her birthday on April 10, 2010 and turned 72 years old.


Nothing much happened that was exciting, so let’s just skip to June, shall we.


I finished Grade 5 at Neilburg Composite School on the Honour Roll. I got it because I maintained an 80% - 89% average during the school year.


I went to Sci Fi (Science First NOT Science Fiction) Camp. Granny Trudy was at Victoria, British Columbia for a reunion with her cousins. It was just Grandpa Dennis and I. Grandpa was good at caring for me. Well, he even made my lunches the day before with me and put them in the fridge so we didn’t have to rush the next day. Then one time I was at Sci Fi camp, and it started to hail but the sun was soon out -- luckily for Grandpa and me, because Grandpa can’t drive. We watched as a HUGE puddle was going down the storm drain as it was clogged, and The City of North Battleford unclogged it. The electricity was OUT so I gave Grandpa the
outage report line phone number.  They just said they would have it back on as soon as they could. I checked the freezer and found some hamburger patties so I got Grandpa to cook them on the BBQ. So we had something nice and warm.

I then got to go with my Scottish Grandparents and we went to Regina.

I stayed at the

I went to the

I saw where my UB David & I’ll B Jonathan lessons (also known as The Mailbox Club) lessons went.  I also went to

to see a

(Saskatchewan Roughriders) Game. Riders won against Hamilton.


I played Barbarians at Manitou Lake Bible Camp and tripped and fell and hit a tree. Mum came for chapel and I came ruuuuuuuuuuunning to her and told her how glad I was when I saw her, and told her I hurt my arm but she thought it wasn’t that bad. The next day mum told John, “I’m going to go check on that kid” after a phone call to the camp and the person on the other end didn’t know anything about how I was. I then went to Lloydminster Hospital to get it X-rayed.  I had a diagonal crack in one of the bones in my right arm. I had to get a cast.  Mum had her mobile phone on so she could check the time and it was midnight --my mum’s birthday had just begun --

so I sang Happy Birthday to you and the last “Happy Birthday to You” I replaced with “Sorry, I’m in a cast."

On August 29th it was my sisters birthday

it was at (McDonalds) It wasn’t that fun for me as I was still in a cast but she enjoyed it.


September 20th it was my Birthday.
We ate lasagna and garlic bread on some of Granny Trudy’s Royal Albert fine china. We watched

a special documentary that was about the Queen. After I wrote a thank you letter to the CBC for making my birthday entertainment FUN! Also, I started homeschooling in September. I now have a new teacher, Mrs. Porter.


I started delivering The Saskatoon Star Phoenix.


Well nothing here has been a highlight of my life so lets just skip.

Thanks for reading my 2010 Christmas Letter. Have a Happy Christmas and a Happy 2011.  Keep on reading our blog at to keep updated on all my adventures!

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