Friday, 15 October 2010

Contest - CBC Celebrates Library Week

Saskatchewan Library Week will be celebrated from October 18th through 25th. As part of the official activities, the Saskatchewan Library Association (SLA) is presenting a contest called "My Favourite Book." They have asked people to send in the following information to The Afternoon Edition, a CBC Radio program broadcast from Regina:

1. The title and author of your favourite book.
2. Why you like it and how it makes you feel.
3. Your full name and address.
4. Your age group (both children are in the youth category as that spans ages 5 to 12).

The winning entries will receive a book prize (what else?!) The winning entries will also be read on The Afternoon Edition, between 4 and 6 p.m. throughout the week.

When we were at the library on Tuesday (the 12th) the Librarian brought the contest to our attention. We had to act quickly as the deadline was the following day. Thanks to the option of emailing entries to the contest, both children made a submission and now have their fingers crossed that they may be in the running for a prize.

Of course Isobel's favourite book was "Whoosh, Went the Wish" (reviewed on this blog earlier). Her 50 word description said:

"It makes me laugh and feel happy. Henry wishes for "nothing but a cat" but some words get stuck in a bush. The fairy grants his wish and takes his house and clothes away. Henry is left with two pieces of newspaper! The fairy fixes it, giving him a cat."

Alisdair had considerable difficulty trying to determine what his favourite book was. Finally he decided to enter this title (which I don't think he has actually read!):

Family Learning: Engaging with Parents (Policy and Practice in Education) by Jeannie Mackenzie (who is one of his paternal grandmothers!)

Alisdair wrote: "This is my favourite book because my Granny from Scotland wrote it and it tells stories about my Dad.  It is eighty pages long but worth all eighty. I feel happy that my Granny is an author. Best of all, my copy is autographed by the author herself!"

Now that both entries have been sent to the CBC, we wait, with fingers crossed, to discover the possibilities. Good luck to both of the contestants from Porter's Primary!

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  1. Ooh, that's really nice of you, Alisdair! Thank you very much! You have just made sure that you get a personal signed copy of my next book! Meanwhile, I look forward to you growing up and sending me YOUR first book!