Saturday, 2 October 2010

New Pupil Arrives At Porter's Primary

Alisdair was delighted when a large package arrived in the mail for him yesterday. It was from "The Rider's Store" in Regina. He had received a gift card for his birthday, so he could choose some Saskatchewan Roughrider gear, as like most folk from Saskatchewan, Alisdair is an avid supporter of the team.

The items he purchased were:

Gainer the Gopher
a 100th anniversary tattoo (to save as a collectible)
a notebook with the Rider jersey on the cover
an engraved luggage tag (the Rider logo is on one side, and Alisdair's name and address are engraved in silver on the other)

Now, wish me luck ... as I think it will be most difficult to teach Gainer to read, add and subtract!

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