Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Another Unintentional Homeschool Lesson!

Alisdair wanted to help warm up the leftovers for supper.  John had some country music playing but he went to watch television so Alisdair decided we should listen to his own CD from "The British Bird Songs Collection."  The CD, which is produced by HMV Easy features a "dawn chorus, herons, turtle doves and a nightingale, as well as other birds.  It even has a Canada Goose in Track One!

As we were listening, I was tending to the stove.  Suddenly, both children at once yelled, "Get down from there!"  I looked up and saw the cat poised on the corner of the cabinet where the stereo was sitting.  He was jumping on the speaker.

I laughed and said, "He thinks there are real birds in the kitchen!"  After that, we watched him very carefully to make sure he wouldn't try to stalk the recorded bird sounds again!

It was "cheap fun" for us, but it was no doubt frustrating for the big grey cat who had to settle for a dish of hard chow instead of a feathered lunch!  We all thought a cat would be smarter than that! 

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