Friday, 19 November 2010

Math-U-See Fun

Alisdair was beginning to feel like he would never get through his Alpha level "Math-U-See" workbook.  He'd already worked on it for a while earlier this afternoon, but he is anxious to complete it so he can go on to the Beta level work.  So, as an incentive this evening we got out our kitchen timer.  We set the clock for 15 minutes to see how much could be accomplished.  I took the workbook and a pencil and he pushed "Start" on the timer.

Fifteen minutes later we had stickers at the top of SIX pages.  Then, in an attempt to "beat" his previous record, we re-set the timer for another fifteen minute interval.  The questions seemed harder but we still managed to complete THREE more pages correctly.  So, thanks to the kitchen timer, and a bit of co-operation, Alisdair finished NINE workbook pages.  A few more fifteen minute sessions and we will be completing the  378 page book and photographing the certificate that says "Congratulations .... You have just finished Alpha.  You are becoming a math whiz!  Have fun doing the next book, which is Beta ... Psssst.  Don't forget to thank your Teacher!" (I sure like that last sentence!)  Stay tuned to hear the news of our celebration when that great day arrives!

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