Friday, 26 November 2010

VIDEO - The World's Perfect Cup of Tea

Alisdair likes drinking a pot of Tim Horton's brand green tea (with a bit of milk - no sugar) everyday.  Sunday, November 28th is "International - A Nice Cup of Tea Day" -- and so he wishes to participate.  People are asked to take a photo of themselves drinking a cup of tea (or of their teacup/teapot) etc. and then to upload them to a website.  This amusing video, that contains a wealth of facts about the British custom of tea drinking, is part of the "run-up" to the celebrations on Sunday!  My favourite part, of this video, is when the teapot tries to squeeze into the black taxi, without success.  Alisdair's favourite shot was when the teapot vandalizes the wall -- as it spray paints the result of a poll to determine the best type of British tea!  What's your favourite part? ... And do you suppose the Queen was looking out the window of Buckingham Palace and saw the teapot walking along outside the gate?  Perhaps the sight was too much for her and she had to call a servant to bring her a spot of tea!  But alas, we will never know for sure!

NOTE:  For a better photographic quality, change the setting at the bottom from 240p to 360p, by clicking and selecting the higher number.  It goes from grainy to very clear.  Thanks!

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