Tuesday, 9 November 2010

PORTER'S PRIMARY - School Photos

The Thinker??
Neilburg Composite School were kind enough to allow Alisdair to come down on the day the "Lifetouch Canada Inc." photographers were in the village taking the traditional pictures of all the students and staff.

The proofs came a little while ago and I was very pleased with the results!  If this is any indication, the boy is enjoying his homeschool experience!  Isobel needed a retake because she looked goofy.  Her proof came back today (from the second time round) -- and she still has a goofy smile!  Ah, maybe that is how 5-year olds are supposed to look!

Here is a sneak peak at Alisdair's photos ... one of these will, no doubt, soon be adorning Granny's fridge and another winging its way across the sea to a photo frame in Scotland!  If any other loyal readers would like a photo, leave a comment and I'll mail one out to you.

The "Package" Pose used for all my prints

Happy Camper
(The t-shirt was given to Alisdair last July when Alisdair he enjoyed being a SCI-FI Camp participant.)

I LOVE those freckles and the spaces between his teeth.  He's recently lost two molars and more are loose!

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