Tuesday, 9 November 2010

October 23 - Manitou Lake Bible Camp - FUN DAY

Welcome sign just outside the camp property.
Manitou Lake Bible Camp (MLBC) is conveniently located just six miles down the road - between Neilburg and Marsden, and on the shores of Manitou Lake.  MLBC held their annual "Fun Day" for Junior (and Squirt) aged campers on Saturday, October 23rd. The fun began at 2 p.m. with on-site registration.  Deseri Adrian, of Kitscoty, was the guest speaker. Fifty-three campers came out to enjoy the nice weather, participate in various games, and munch on a beef-on-a-bun supper. The day, which was chock full of activities, ended at 8 p.m. when parents picked up their children from the Dining Hall. Alisdair enjoyed attending this event and was relieved that he didn't break his arm again (like he did during his summer session last August!) 

The Parachute Club??

Waving the 'chute

Alisdair was a cat in this game!

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