Monday, 15 November 2010

LETTERS -- Sharpie Pens -- What Colour is YOUR Ink??

I was in Lloydminster on Friday afternoon.  Just before leaving town to hurry home, I ran into the store to grab a couple of my favourite "Sharpie" pens.  I can never find one that works (Isobel likes them too and often 'borrows' one and then forgets to replace the cap and so they dry out).  I have always used black Sharpie and was unaware the brand came in other colours.  When I got home and took the pen out of the packaging, I discovered I had actually purchased two blue pens.  When Alisdair learned about this, he looked at the pen and the packaging, and then immediately suggested he should write a letter to the manufacturer.  And so he spent time on a quiet Sunday afternoon, writing yet another complaint letter!  It reads as follows:

"I am writing about your Stylo Sharpie Pen Blue UPC 0 71641 00046 9. I am an 11-year old boy and I wanted to let you know something that happened to my Mother. She was in a rush and picked up a package of your pens at Staples Business Depot.  The pens had a black lid, so she thought they would write with black ink. When she got home and wrote with it, the ink turned out to be blue (It's about an hour’s drive to the store). Why would the lid be black, if the pen writes blue?

Then, when you look very closely at the package, it says “Blue” but you can barely notice it, because it's so small. Also if you look closely at the pen, the only difference is a thin blue line around the label. Once again, it’s not very big so you can hardly see it.

For example: You probably wouldn’t like it if it said on a form, “Write in black ink,” so you go buy a pen and only look at the lid. Then, the pen you thought was black, turns out to be blue, and it is an hour to go back to the store!

I think you should stop making the black lid for blue pens and only put it on the black ones. That way, you could better identify a blue pen from a black one. Please put blue lids on blue pens. Either that, or make the whole label on the blue pens the same colour as the ink. It’s common sense!

Thank you for considering this request."

... I'm wondering if we'll get a response?  Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll send us a couple BLACK Sharpie pens to make up for our mistaken purchase!  Stay tuned for an update!

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