Thursday, 25 November 2010

LAPBOOK - A "Sneak Peek" at our Renaissance/Leonardo da Vinci Study

COVER - Leonardo da Vinci Lapbook

The Lloydminster Homeschool Assocation is holding a Christmas Concert/Open House on Sunday, December 5.  Each child is supposed to perform an item on the program and display something they have been working on.  Alisdair has chosen to make some lapbooks for viewing.  He has one on "Thanksgiving" that he needs to complete with a couple of finishing touches.  He has also been working on a large (three folder) lapbook about the "Renaissance and Leonardo da Vinci."  Another one, in progress, is about the tragedy of the  "R. M. S. Titanic."

Here is a sneak peek at the Leonardo da Vinci project and some of the little minibooks we have included, thus far:

Overview - First of Three Folders

Close-Up - Renaissance Information

Close-Up "Renaissance Art Characteristics Minibook"

Inside - Art Terminology

Third Flap - How Renaissance art differed from the works painted prior to the period.  For example, "People now had expressions and personalities."

Alisdair has been writing information in many of the little books.  This is one on Renaissance Architecture.
An imaginative Renaissance Building Alisdair designed 
Watch for other posts to follow, detailing what will be included in the other two folders devoted to this topic!


  1. Looks like you and Alisdair are having lots of fun with homeschooling! It's neat that he has an opportunity to strut his stuff at the HS association.... Good job Alisdair!

  2. Well done, Alisdair! This looks very good work indeed and it is wonderful being able to see how you are progressing from four and a half thousand miles away!

  3. Did you make your minibooks yourself? Or are they from a particular publisher?