Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Colouring Pages - Bonfire Night

We were pleased to find several colouring pages at - Keeping Kids Busy that are especially for Guy Fawkes' Night.  Here is a photograph of the first one Alisdair has completed.  The next one he plans to colour is called "A Penny for the Guy."  There are also drawings of Guy Fawkes with his co-conspirators and a portrait of King James I of England.  We also made a "dotty" word sheet with appropriate words for the occasion and Alisdair also has a word search, a crossword and an activity where you make smaller words out of the phrase "THE GUNPOWDER PLOT" and an acrostic poem to write using the word "FIREWORKS."

Clothing that we can part with (for the effigy) has been located, the fireworks have been purchased, the venison sausage is thawing (we plan to eat them like a hot dog), aluminium foil wrapped baked potatoes will be roasted in the fire, Daddy Gordon has been invited and all that awaits to unfold is the fun! If only I had a few barrels of gunpowder to liven things up!!

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