Thursday, 24 February 2011

ARTWORK ~ "What Makes Me Smile" ~ CBEEBIES

"A steaming bowl of clam chowder and a glass of orange juice makes me smile!"

Since Alisdair is half-Scottish, he likes to keep up on his British information by checking out the various BBC websites.

In his search, he recently found an assignment to draw a picture of "What Makes You Smile."  Children are asked to send these to CBeebies in London, England.

The information is as follows:

Who or what makes your child smile?

Is it one of their friends? Maybe it's their brother or sister? Is it their favourite pet? Or does one of our CBeebies friends make them smile?
We would love your child to make a drawing or a painting of whatever it is that makes them smile. Or it could be a picture - the funnier the better.
Send them to us at:

Make Me Smile
PO Box 1234
W12 6WX

We'll try to show as many as we can so remember to put your child's name and age on the back.

If you are in the United Kingdom, (or have a UK proxy server), clicking the link below will allow you to watch a short video clip.  Watch video here.

We'll never know if Alisdair's drawing is featured on British television ~ but it's kind of fun to think that it might be.  The envelope is stamped and ready to be popped into the post this afternoon.  Wish him luck!

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