Monday, 28 February 2011

LETTERS - Isobel's Card for Ruby Bridges ~ "It's good you prayed."

After Alisdair and I were finished with it, I read Isobel the touching picture book, "The Story of Ruby Bridges" (see previous blog post).

She was very moved by the true story of how Ruby prayed for those who protested outside her school and yelled angry things at her.  When she saw the address for The Ruby Bridges Foundation, at the end of the book, she immediately said she wanted to "write to Ruby."

So yesterday, when Alisdair was at Grandma and Grandpa's and John was at work, she asked to "make Ruby a card."

The first thing she wrote (after I folded the paper) was:  "I love you Ruby BRidGEs."

Card ~ Front
Then she began painstakingly printing the message inside - asking me how to spell each word:

"To Ruby  How is youR DAy?"

Since the salutation took up most of the first page, (and she had a lot she wanted to say), Isobel handed me the pencil and began to dictate:

"My Mum read your story to me.  I liked it in your story when you helped the white people.  It's good you prayed.  I love Jesus and you love Jesus.  We're just like friends but stuck apart.  But you are bigger and I am only small.  And I am only 5 as you can see on my writing.  That is Kindergarten writing and sometimes we do super bigger than you can see.  I am Isobel.  Here is a picture of me.  I love you, Sincerely," and then she signed her own name, and drew a picture of an orange cat at the bottom of the page.

Card ~ Inside

The card is so sweet that I would love to keep it. but I am sure Ruby would enjoy receiving it, so I will put it in the mail later today.

God bless Isobel ... and God bless Ruby Bridges!

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