Friday, 25 February 2011

Winter Break!

We interrupt this homeschooling blog for WINTER BREAK!

Isobel has had the week off from Kindergarten at the school down the road (Monday was a provincial holiday for Family Day and the other four days were designated as the break).  Good thing too - as there was some kind of a flood at Neilburg Composite School.

A Vac truck was there one evening, sucking water through a big hose (out the door), and then for a couple of days a truck and trailer with the phrase "Flood and Fire Restoration," painted on the side, was parked outside!  Hopefully there wasn't too much damage.  I guess we'll find out Monday, the 28th, when Isobel returns to the classroom.

Meanwhile, Isobel has been enjoying some quality "one-on-one" time with Grandpa and Grandma since Sunday evening (the 20th).  The plan is to meet them tomorrow morning (Saturday), and Isobel will come home, while Alisdair goes visiting.  Since he doesn't have to be back for class on Monday, Alisdair will stay until the middle of next week - when his stepdad is off work and can take the trip with Isobel and I to pick him up.  (It's bitterly cold just now, here on the prairies.  Tonight there was an extreme windchill warning of -40 degrees C. - so you don't want to travel any further than you absolutely have to!)  With Isobel gone, we've done a lot of school work, so I guess Alisdair deserves a couple days of Winter Break, too!

See you soon!

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