Tuesday, 8 February 2011


He was just a little black boy named Michael, after his father.  But, as a 5-year old, his parents changed his name to "Martin Luther" after the founder of the protestant religion.  His father, likewise, changed his name, and so the lad became known as Martin Luther King, Jr. or MLK. 

Although no one knew it then, MLK would be a force for change in the United States of America and he would be celebrated with a holiday every January.

Like the author pockets and activities, there is a "Biography" page for Martin Luther King, Jr.  There are also several activities to be placed in the "Holiday" Pocket.

Biography - Martin Luther King, Jr.

These include:

A "Tag of Time" for the Life of Martin Luther King, Jr.
The "Tag of Time" gives specific significant events from Martin Luther King's life.  We cut them out and Alisdair had to paste them in the proper order and then decorate the tag.

"I have a dream speech" - Fill in the blanks
Alisdair "listened" to one of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s most famous speeches -- "I Have a Dream..." and then he was asked to pick the appropriate word to fill in each blank.

Finally, there was a "Wall of Time" activity for MLK:
Completed "Wall of Time"
Like the puzzle completed for the author, J. R. R. Tolkien, there were 16 questions and answers to match up.  These included:

* Where was Martin Luther King, Jr. born? Atlanta, Georgia
* Who did Martin marry? Coretta Scott
* How old was Martin when he entered college?  15 Years old
* What honourable prize did he receive?  The Nobel Peace Prize
* When do we celebrate the life of this man?  The third Monday in January

There were also other activities suggested for a "Mini-Unit Study," which we have not yet completed.  We have also borrowed two extra reading books on the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. from the library and are reading through these and completing other additional lapbook activities.

Stay tuned for additional posts on the life and times of MLK.

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