Monday, 28 February 2011

LETTERS - Valentine Fairy Visits Local Paper Boy!

A few days before Valentine's Day, Alisdair was all smiles when he got back into the car after delivering one of his papers.

"She asked me how to spell my name," he told me.  "And she hinted that I might get a visit from the Valentine fairy!"

We laughed and finished the route.  I, at least, had forgotten about the possible pending visit from the February fairy.

But on Valentine's Day, when we arrived at the residence, Alisdair found a business-sized white envelope taped to the mailbox.  On the outside it said, "For the Paper Guys."  He jumped into the vehicle and hastily ripped it open.  Inside were three smaller envelopes, each containing an old-fashioned cut-out Valentine card and a five dollar bill, addressed to Alisdair, Isobel and myself!  This was definitely a "Random Act of Kindness!"

While this would have been a delightful surprise, at any time, it was especially touching because the couple who left it, had suffered the shock of losing their brother/brother-in-law from a massive heart attack the night before.  He had been eating his Sunday evening meal, at the local Chinese restaurant, and slumped over and was gone ~ just that suddenly!

So, before he left for his stay at Grandma and Grandpa's house, Alisdair made a thank you card for the kindly couple and we left it in their mailbox with the paper, on our way out of town.

The hand made card Alisdair left...

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