Wednesday, 2 February 2011

LETTERS: Honourable Governor Sean Parnell of the Great State of Alaska

Honourable Governor Sean Parnell
On January 28th Alisdair wrote the following letter to the Honourable Governor Sean Parnell of the Great State of Alaska at his office at the Alaska State Capitol Building in Juneau:

"I am an 11 year old boy from Canada and I am in Grade 6.  I am learning about your "Great State of Alaska" in my homeschooling.  I would like to know more.  Do you have any brochures, (my favourite term for them is leaflets), that may be of interest?

I have heard that your moose can weigh up to 1,600 pounds.  That would make a lot of burgers!  I think that Alaska and Saskatchewan have a lot in common.  In winter we have lots of snow and we also have a good oil industry.

I think it is cool that Alaska is part of the United States of America but it isn't located under Canada with the other 49 states but it is attached to the North West Territories.

May God bless Alaska for years to come."

You can learn more about Governor Sean Parnell by clicking this link.  He is the Tenth Governor of the State.  He was originally elected as the Lieutenant Governor, but became the official Governor in July 2009 when the previous Governor, Sarah Palin, resigned from office with more than a year and a half left in her term.

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