Wednesday, 2 February 2011

CURRICULUM ~ Monthly Pocket ~ National Oatmeal Month ~ Remember Me Pockets: January

JANUARY - National Oatmeal Month
Did you know that January has been designated as "National Oatmeal Month?"  This is primarily because the largest amount of  oatmeal is sold during the month.  According to the material in the "Remember Me Pockets," there are three reasons for the spike in oatmeal sales:

1) The cold months of Winter;
2) Affordability: and
3) The desire to be healthy at the start of a New Year.

As someone whole doesn't like eating porridge, I was surprised to learn the most popular use for oatmeal is in cookie recipes.  The second most popular use is in meatloaf ... now that's A LOT of meatloaf, folks!

We also learned that oatmeal is considered a "whole grain."  The information explained that "A whole grain has not had the parts of the plant removed which hold the vitamins and minerals.  These parts are called the bran and the germ.  Because oatmeal has lots of fiber, this food is very good for the digestive system of the body."

Worksheet - National Oatmeal Month

So maybe Mother was right when she encouraged us to eat up our porridge because it would "stick to our ribs all day!"

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