Monday, 7 February 2011

MISQUOTE ~ Isaiah 45:5 - I am the Lord.

Isobel came home from Kids Club after church yesterday with a colouring page with the words "I am the LORD.  I will strengthen you.  Isaiah 45:5" written on it in black jiffy marker.

"You need to help me memorize this for next week, Mum," Isobel informed me.

I read it out to her a couple of times and then I asked her to repeat the words after me.  The first time she said, "I am the Lord.  I will STRONG-GEN you."

"STRONG-GEN?," I laughed.  "No, the word is STRENGTHEN."  But you are right, the word "strengthen" means to make something stronger.

And so we repeat the verse again but still she can't get her tongue around the word, "strengthen" and boldly declares, "I am the Lord.  I will STRANGLE you."

It's a good thing we have a whole week to get this misquote sorted out! 

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