Saturday, 30 April 2011

BOOK REVIEWS ~ Kids Can Read ~ A Series of Books About A Little White Dog Named "Sam" ~ By: Mary Labatt

Sam is a little white female dog.  She gets into mischief.  She eats pizza, plays with the children next door and likes to eat candy on Halloween.  Joan and Bob are her kind owners who take good care of their pet.  Sam also teaches youngsters how to read!

Isobel loves the "Sam" book series.  When we read the book about Halloween, the word "candy" was repeated many times.  So, as I read aloud, I would pause every time we got to that word.  By the end of the book, Isobel knew the word "candy" was spelled "C-A-N-D-Y."  She even phoned her Grandma to announce that she now knew how to spell it!

These colourful books, by Mary Labatt, are published by "Kids Can Press" and are part of their "Start to Read" series.  Each one has a banner across the top of the front cover positively stating "Kids Can Read."  There are three levels in this reading program.  The levels are "Kids Can Start to Read," "Kids Can Read With Help" and "Kids Can Read Alone."

The back of each "Sam" book says:  "It's one adventure after another for this adorable puppy!  Kids will discover the joys of reading as they watch Sam discover the world around her.  Part of the "Kids Can Read" series, the Puppy Sam books have been written especially for the beginning reader." 

We have two other "Sam" books borrowed from the library, at the moment, "Sam Gets Lost" and "Sam's Goes Next Door."  In the first one, Sam escapes from a convertible, while Joan and Bob are driving downtown.  Luckily she is reunited with her loving owners at the end of the book.  (We don't want tears at bedtime!) 

In the other, the little dog goes next door and plays with two new neighbour children who have just moved in. 

We have already read two other titles in the series ~ "Sam Goes to School" and "Pizza For Sam."  Our first introduction to the lovable white dog was when she went to school, on the bus, as a stowaway in a backpack.  Of course the canine was discovered and had to reluctantly return home!

In the second story, Bob and Joan are hosting a party.  There is a lot of delicious food on the table but all Sam gets to eat is kibble.  Eventually a deliveryman comes to the door bearing pizza.  When Bob and Joan are distracted, Sam takes the opportunity to help herself to some of the contents of the cardboard box!  The cover is amusing as the little dog is obviously enjoying nibbling on the pizza.  At the back of the book there is an illustration where Sam's white fur is covered in tomato sauce and green peppers!  

I'm sure we'll be reading about more adventures of the little puppy named "Sam" in the future.  In other titles she goes on an adventure at the seaside, finds a monster, experiences a snowy day, takes part in a parade and makes a new friend.  It's fun to learn what mischief the furry white dog is getting up to ~ while learning to read ~ simultaneously!

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