Thursday, 21 April 2011

REFLECTIONS ~ Easter "Random Acts of Kindness" Encouraging

We're just back from delivering today's edition of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix to Alisdair's subscribers.  There were more papers, than on an ordinary Thursday, as today is considered "Friday" for distribution purposes (since there is no newspaper tomorrow due to Good Friday).  Several subscribers choose to receive the paper on the weekends only and so there are always more deliveries on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays (as this is the edition that contains the TV Guide).

We were partway through the route and Alisdair and I were both tired and hurrying to get the job "over with."  And then we stopped at Lois' house.  She is in her eighties and is blind in one eye.  When she heard Alisdair opening her door to throw the paper in her porch, she yelled, "Hey Paper Boy!"  He stopped.  When she came to the door, Lois handed him a baggie with an Easter egg and some chocolate bunnies in it.  Alisdair rushed back to the car.

"Look, Mum! The Easter fairy came to this house!" he said as he showed me his sweet loot.  We decided to share the chocolate bunnies and to save the egg for later.

Farther along the route, Alisdair arrived at another mailbox.  This one had four "O Henry" Easter eggs inside.  Another treat for the diligent paper boy.

Until taking on the responsibility for this paper route, I never would have thought about remembering a delivery person in such a manner.  But it is so kind and thoughtful and makes such a difference, especially when the worker is a child.

So, thank you to all those who express appreciation through little "Random Acts of Kindness."  They are much appreciated!

Happy Easter, everyone!

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