Wednesday, 6 April 2011

SAFETY FIRST ~ Looking After Little "Eggy" ~ Sask. Safety Council Babysitting Course

"Sh! sh! sh!  Eggy is tucked in bed, sleeping!"
Alisdair enjoyed the first day of his Saskatchewan Safety Council Babysitting Course.  This is his new little friend "Eggy" ~ and no, it's not hardboiled!  Alisdair was instructed to look after it for the day (the rest of the participants had to look after their egg for two days, but the length of his assignment was shortened as it conflicted with our trip to the opera).  He was also supposed to make a bed for the wee fellow.  As you can see, the young man is resting comfortably in his bed from "Linen and Things" ~ oh, sorry, I mean "Hamburger Helper!"

Eggy is apparently one month old and weighed 9 pounds and 9 ounces when he was born.  Funny ~ that number is strangely familiar to me ~ maybe because it was Alisdair's own birth weight!!

Alisdair also had to complete a logbook to detail when Eggy cried, ate and slept.  He has also created a "Mini-Resume" to handout to potential babysitting customers.  Some of the information he included was:

I prefer children aged 5+ and they MUST BE potty trained.

I can cook things like:
* Hamburger Helper
*Tuna Helper
*Knorr Sidekicks
*Frozen TV dinners
*Soup and Sandwiches
*Toast & Cereal
* Cheese Quesadillas in the Microwave
(I can vary ingredients depending on the child’s personal tastes.)

I have just recently begun swimming lessons. So I could assist children in a small wading pool. I have cared for my sister who is 5-years old, when my mother had to go out for brief periods.

My Hobbies are reading, watching cartoons, Nintendo DS Lite, collecting stamps and postcards, computer games. I am also interested in politics.  I’m homeschooled so I could babysit potty trained preschoolers (3-4 years old) during school hours if an emergency arose and you urgently needed a babysitter.

He also had to prepare a "Babysitting Kit" as another assignment for today's class. His kit contains some "Babysitting Checklist" forms for parents to complete prior to the job (with allergy information and other specific instructions about the care of the child), a message pad, a flashlight, two Postman Pat books, some markers and several colouring pages, some snacks, a tape recorder and a couple of childrens' cassettes, and a Dora the Explorer puzzle.  All these items are stored in a reusable shopping bag, ready to go to a babysitting assignment at a moment's notice.

I wonder what the would-be babysitters will learn at today's class??   

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