Saturday, 16 April 2011


We were on our way to North Battleford for Alisdair's swimming lessons and to attend the "Gala Awards Concert" for the "Battlefords Kiwanis Music Festival."  Since it had snowed overnight, John couldn't go to work, [Yes...we had an inch of snow on April 15th!  Spring must be cancelled!], so he was driving the minivan and Isobel was the front seat passenger.

Alisdair and I were in the third seat, quietly working on math and spelling.

One of the assigned words was "typhoid."  Another was "boycott."  There were nine questions in all to determine if the student was aware of the"Word Meanings." 

The first of these asked, "Which spelling word names a disease?"  Almost instantly Alisdair answered, 'TYPHOID' and then he recalled how in our January "Remember Me Pockets" Author Study he had learned how J. R. R. Tolkien, who wrote "The Lord of the Rings," had contracted that illness when he was in the trenches during the war.

Question number eight asked," 'Which spelling word means 'to refuse to buy or use something?' " 'BOYCOTT'  is what Martin Luther King, Jr. did when they refused to ride the buses," Alisdair reminded me.  I gave him a "High Five" for remembering these little tidbits of information.

Just then, Isobel turned around and started calling out, "Mum!  Mum!"

John, always one for a one-liner, glanced at the 5-year old and said, "That's not 'MUM,' that's the 'TEACHER!' "

Although I didn't want to give John the satisfaction, I couldn't help myself, and had to smile at his wisecrack!

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