Monday, 18 April 2011

GARDENING ~ Our Nasturtiums are FINALLY Growing!!

It's so exciting!  We replanted the Nasturtium seeds in Alisdair's little red "Pail of Posies" on Sunday, April 10th and yesterday (just a week later), we have progress!  Six little seedlings are reaching upwards to the sunlight.

I know we planted more than six seeds, so it will be interesting to watch and see if any more tiny shoots poke out of the soil.  Since the pot is so small, after a while we will have to get a bigger container to transplant them in.  It's encouraging to see signs of Spring indoors ~ especially with the recent snow we had over the weekend.  It makes you feel like Spring and Summer will never fully be here... and so a little greenery is an encouragement that all is right with the world and eventually we will enjoy sunshine and greenery on our lawns, and in our gardens and flowerbeds.

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