Sunday, 17 April 2011

REFLECTIONS ~ Holy Week 2011 ~ "Jesus Built A Bridge"

This beautiful Easter lily was on the desk at the North Battleford Swimming Pool on Friday afternoon when Alisdair was taking his weekly lesson.  I couldn't resist snapping a photograph to capture its blooms.

May God bless you as we move through "Holy Week" in the lead up to Easter Sunday.  The "Ladies Choir" I have been singing with recently will be part of a joint Good Friday service in our community with the United Church and the Evangelical Free denomination.  We will also be singing at the Easter service at Manitou Evangelical Free Church.  The songs include:  "Love Is Why,"  "So Willing to Die For Me,"  "Thirty Pieces of Silver," "I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary" and "Jesus Built a Bridge."

The last song says it all:

"Jesus built a bridge to heaven,
so that I could find a way up to Him,
Jesus built a bridge, the only way He could,
 with only three nails and two pieces of wood,
With one rugged cross,
Jesus built a bridge."

Have a blessed Easter!

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