Sunday, 24 April 2011

SPEECH ARTS ~ He Remembered to say "Thank You . . . "

Are the youth of today ungrateful??  That's what I wondered, for a few moments, after Alisdair received his prize cheque from the Battlefords Kiwanis Music Festival at the Gala Concert.  Inside the package of materials, attached to the cheque, was a little neon green card. 

Inside it said, "Please write a note of thanks to the sponsor of your award."  An address was supplied.

It used to be a given that, if you received a gift from someone, you would automatically respond with a "Thank You" note.  It was simply proper etiquette.  Now, it seems, some folk overlook this common courtesy.  I'm glad the Festival Committee are reminding award recipients to thank their benefactors, however, it would be nice if this was unnecessary and the winners would automatically take a moment or two to jot a few lines to the generous person or organization that sponsored their award.

Alisdair's card...
 Alisdair chose this card to sent to the Battlefords Kiwanis Music Festival Committee.  On the outside it says, "The beauty of kindness ... it is a treasure you share so freely" and on the inside the thought continues with the words, "your kindness means so much."

The inside of the card ...

Alisdair added the following personal message:

"To: The Battlefords Kiwanis Music Festival Committee:

Thank you for the scholarship for the Junior Speech Arts Test piece. I opened a new Savings Account with the $100.00 and plan to invest it into a Canada Savings Bond when they go on sale in October."

Like the lepers in the Bible account, Alisdair remembered to say thank you.

Perhaps there is someone YOU should single out to thank today.  A Thank You note doesn't have to be for a specific gift.  You could write to one of your former teachers to thank them for taking extra time for you and making a difference in your life.  Or you could send a brief note of encouragement to your Pastor for a recent sermon that spoke to your heart.  Maybe you have an elderly friend or relative that would simply appreciate a card to know they are thought of and loved?  The possibilities are endless!

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