Wednesday, 13 April 2011

HEALTH ~ Annual Vision Testing Conducted

When I was a kid and had to go to a medical appointment, where there would be some kind of testing done, my Father used to joke and ask us if we'd "studied" for our test.

In that regard, Alisdair must have done his homework, because he passed his recent eye examination with flying colours!  He saw Dr. James Lawrence at River Valley Eyecare on Friday, March 11 in North Battleford.  This was his annual check-up and not something scheduled because he was having a problem. 

According to Dr. Lawrence, one eye could use a very slight correction but it is so minimal he doesn't believe it is worth doing, at this time.  We will continue to get Alisdair to have regular check-ups and perhaps, in a few years, he may need to resort to wearing glasses.

Alisdair was a bit disappointed, that he passed the testing with no serious problems, as he'd convinced himself that wearing glasses would be "cool."  The new "Sponge Bob" frames he found online ARE kind of cool ... but not THAT cool ...  better to have good vision and to be able to see unaided!

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