Friday, 22 April 2011

CHARITY/VIDEOS ~ Update ~ "Build a Bano" Mexican Wheelchair & Bathroom Renovation Project

Here is an update on Uncle Vance's "Mexican Missions Project."

Before they left for Mexico, on April 8th, the Skate Life group managed to raise the necessary $2,500 to provide a wheelchair for Vance's friend and to begin remodelling the family's home so it could be made wheelchair accessible.  The bathroom isn't finished, but the work has begun.

It's exciting to see the volunteers working ~ chipping out the old concrete and pouring fresh ramps and floors for the family.  Near the end of the video, the young man's mother speaks (through an interpreter) thanking the Lord, and the Canadian donors, for their kindness to her family.  What a blessing this project has been to them!

It's amazing what a difference the "Build a Bano" donations have made to the quality of life of this family.  I'm glad to see actual footage of the project, documenting the positive results.

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