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SPEECH ARTS ~ Poetry ~ Sir Smashem Uppe ~ By: E. V. Rieu ~ 86%

"Great Scott... that was a nasty smash!"
The final class that Alisdair participated in, at the Battlefords Kiwanis Music Festival, was #9629 ~ Individual Verse, 12 Years and Under.  Again, there were four contestants ~ all reciting different material.  Alisdair learned "Sir Smashem Uppe" by E. V. Rieu.

E. V. Rieu
(1887 - 1972)
Good afternoon, Sir Smasham Uppe!
We're having tea: do take a cup!
Sugar and milk? Now let me see-
Two lumps, I think?...Good gracious me!
The silly thing slipped off your knee!
Pray don't apologise, old chap;
A very trivial mishap!
So clumsy of you? How absurd!
My dear Sir Smasham, not a word!
Now do sit down and have another,
And tell us all about your brother-
You know, the one who broke his head.
Is that poor fellow still in bed?-
A chair - allow me, sir!...Great Scott!
That was a nasty smash! Eh, what?
Oh, not at all: the chair was old-
Queen Anne, or so we have been told.
We've got at least a dozen more:
Just leave the pieces on the floor.
I want you admire our view:
Come nearer to the window, do;
And look how beautiful...Tut, tut!
You didn't see that it was shut?
I hope you are not badly cut!
Not hurt? A fortunate escape!
Amazing! Not a single scrape!
And now, if you have finished tea,
I fancy you might like to see
A little thing or two I've got.
That china plate? Yes, worth a lot:
A beauty too...Ah, there it goes!
I trust it didn't hurt your toes?
Your elbow brushed it off the shelf?
Of course: I've done the same myself.
And now, my dear Sir Smasham - Oh,
You surely don't intend to go?
You must be off? Well, come again.
So glad you're fond of porcelain!

Alisdair received 86% and a certificate for second place [there were three participants tied with the same mark.  The top spot went to a girl who had an 87.]

Second Place Certificate
The adjudicator said:  "This was well done ~ you captured SO much of the fun of this poem.  The voice is very well projected and we could hear every word.  Occasionally, take a little longer when you see " . . . "  The pauses add another dimension to your expression.  Carefully prepared and well presented."

Sir Smashem Uppe . . .  surrounded by debris!
This cartoon was next to the poem in
"The Random House Book of Poetry for Children," 
 a book we borrowed from the library to give to the
adjudicator  (as they require an original copy of the poem).
The illustration is by Arnold Lobel. 
While preparing for this Class, Alisdair enjoyed reciting his poem over the telephone to various people.  Cousin Erin (who has performed in several Festivals) was a great help!  After reciting it for Grandad Ted, [who lives in Glasgow, Scotland] the lad was told, "That was SMASHING, Alisdair!"  We had to laugh at the pun!

Then, this morning, we learned that a lady, who was unable to attend the speech arts performance on Friday afternoon, has specially requested that Grandma Trudy make arrangements for her to come to see Alisdair, (so he can recite the poem for her), the next time he is staying at their place!  It's not everyday you get a request like that! 

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  1. Great job, Alisdair! Hard work pays off! I hope you enter the Music Festival next year!

    (P.S. How did "Mrs. Porter" do?)