Saturday, 7 May 2011

BOOK REVIEWS ~ "Election Day" ~ By: Margaret McNamara

It's a thin (32-page) "Ready-to-Read" book, but I think every politican should take a moment or two to read this childrens' book!  It's called "Election Day" and was written by Margaret McNamara, as part of the "Robin Hill School" series.

There is a new student in Mrs. Connor's class at Robin Hill School.  Becky has arrived on the day voting was to take place for the position of class president.  Who will lead the students in the room?

"After lunch, the children gave speeches.  'I promise to get us a candy machine!' said Nick.  'Hooray!' said the class.

" 'I promise no homework!' said Emma.  'Hooray!  Hooray!' said the class.

" 'I promise summer vacation will last for six months!' said Nia.  'Hooray!  Hooray!  Hooray!' said the class."

At this point, Mrs. Connor asks if there are any other students who would like to give a speech.

"Becky thought she could be a good class president.  But she was new.  She did not have any friends.  She did not have a speech."

" 'Anyone?' asked Mrs. Connor.  She was looking right at Becky."

"Becky took a deep breath.  She got up from her chair.  'I cannot promise candy machines, or less homework, or more vacation,' she said.  'I can only promise to do my best.'  Becky sat down.  No one else said a word.  Especially not 'Hooray.' "

" 'Now,' said Mrs. Connor.  'It is time to vote.'  The children put their heads on their desks and their hands in the air.  Mrs. Connor counted all the votes.  'Becky is the winner!' she said.  The new class president was happy."

" 'You made a good promise,' Hannah said.  'It is a promise I will keep,' said Becky."


That message seems particularly appropriate as Monday, May 2 was "Election Day" in Canada. The results were somewhat surprising ~ with the Liberals losing most of their seats, the New Democratic Party becoming the official opposition, and Harper's Conservatives gaining a majority for the first time ever.

It's true ~ we DON'T need empty promises or charismatic, flamboyant individuals to represent us. But we DO need honest, dedicated, hard-working politicians at all levels of governance ~ local, provincial and federal. Are you willing to run for office and to serve your country in that way? Perhaps YOU could make a difference next time the call for nominations goes forth.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
                                                                                                                          ~  John Quincy Adams

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