Thursday, 19 May 2011

VIDEOS/BOOK REVIEWS ~ "Silverlicious" ~ By: Victoria Kann

Victoria Kann has a new book hot off the press called "Silverlicious."  It follows in the footsteps of "Pinkalicious" and several other "colourful" books this author has penned.  (See previous blog post ~  "Pink? Purple? Gold? They Are All Delicious ~ February 10, 2011"). We were lucky to get ahold of a copy as it is very much in demand ~ even at the library, with several patrons placing "holds" on the material.  The dustjacket of the copy we received had a blue and white sticker on it, indicating the "Girl Guides of Canada" endorsed the book.

At the beginning of this story, Pinkalicious Pinkerton realizes she has a serious problem.  When she loses a tooth, Pinkalicious is suddenly unable to taste anything sweet.  Candy, cookies, cakes ... they all taste disgusting!  Poor Pinkalicious ... even visits from Edgar Easter Bunny, Carlos Cupid and Elf #351 do not help. Finally Tootheetina (the young girl's own personal tooth fairy) is able to solve the dilemma.  Tootheetina leaves Pinkalicious a note.  It says: "Sweetness comes from the inside.  When you are sweet, the world and all the delicious things in it will be sweet too!"  When Pinkalicious takes this wise advice to heart, she realizes that she has not been very grateful or polite.  On the last page she vows, "From now on I am always going to be as sweet as my sweet tooth." 

This video is a "trailer" for "Silverlicious":

There is also a website devoted to all things Pinkalicious.  Check it out at Think Pinkalicious!  There are e-cards to send, games to play, activity pages to print and colour, and you can even put your own photo into a graphic of Pinkalicious to "pinkafy" yourself (or your little one!)  Isobel loved it!


After reading this book, last week Alisdair lost one of his own teeth.  Luckily the molar was NOT his sweet tooth (although I'm not sure he actually has one!)  We did have fun joking about it, though!

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