Sunday, 29 May 2011

VIDEOS ~ Footage from 2010 "Lose the Training Wheels" Camp ~ Victoria, BC

If you watch this video, you will learn about an exciting program called "Lose the Training Wheels."  This group had a successful Camp last summer in Victoria, British Columbia, sponsored by the Queen Alexandra Children's Hospital.  The group plans to run another camp in 2011 ~ from July 11th to 16th.

Participants will ride the modified bikes shown in the video for 90-minutes per day.  Alisdair's dyspraxia has made it difficult for him to be able to balance enough to ride a two-wheeler and so he is anxious to "lose the training wheels" this summer.

"Whenever I go riding on my bike, with the training wheels, I feel like lots of people are making fun of me," says Alisdair.  "It humiliates me to think that I'm going on 12 and there are children, not much bigger than my little sister, who can ride with two wheels."

Since Alisdair feels so strongly about this, we have decided to attend the upcoming Camp.  When we initially inquired about it, we were told participants from the Queen Alexandra Children's Hospital would be given top priority.  However, after the enrollment deadline, there was a vacancy and we were told Alisdair would be eligible to attend.  After receiving that news, we managed to find a WestJet seat sale and book plane tickets.  The organizers are now holding a space for him in their program.  We even managed to find economical accomodations at a hostel for the week!

Alisdair and I are both looking forward to our adventure on Vancouver Island . . . he'll be "losing the training wheels" and hopefully I'll be losing weight ~ chasing his bicycle around the riding arena!  It makes me tired and out of breath just thinking about it . . . wish us both luck!

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